Next Level Academy


Next Level Tennis Academy’s Part Time & Full Time program is designed for high level tournament players who choose to train during the traditional school day. We offer a Part Time Academy program (1:30 pm-5:30 pm) and a Full Time Academy program (7:30 am-5:30 pm), to players that meet the criteria to enter into this group. The players in this program have adjusted their schooling or their school schedule to attain or maintain their advanced level of play. For the Full Time students who train with us, we offer Laurel Springs School as the on-line daily curriculum. We are pleased to have our very own Laurel Springs Academic Facilitator who works at our club with our Full Time students guiding them as they strive to do their best on and off the court.

The players in the PT & FT Academy compete in Southern, National and International (ITF) Tournaments.  Each player is training to get to their next level through intense drills, competitive point play, tennis specific conditioning, as well as weekly match play. In addition, mental sessions are regularly provided to better educate players on strategy, assist players’ mindset, and maximize their performance during all levels of play. Tournament coaching, chaperoning/travel and nutrition recommendations is also provided to this group.

Part Time & Full Time Academy drill sessions are led by our world class Academy Coaching Tennis Professionals who are some of the best coaches in the tennis industry. Our staff consists of grand slam champions, coaches that toured with grand slam champions, National Coaches & Regional Training Center coaches. All of this experience combined makes our product one of the finest programs in the country.