Orange Ball

Orange Ball classes provide players with more difficult skill sets including control over direction, variety of shots, and tennis-specific movements in preparation for the green ball classes.

This class is for ages 8-10 years who have graduated from our Red Ball Program or for new players who have met the criteria to be in this group.

Orange Ball Intro and OB1:
At this stage, we are focusing on developing athletic skills ( agility, balance, coordination) and fundamental shots (forehand, backhand and serve), rallying with a coach and learn how to play points and keep score.

At this stage, kids will be introduced to different spins. They are taught to rally with another player with good depth, ability to change directions and use lobs, slice, volley, passing shots. Also, they are introduced to Junior League Tennis (team competition).

At this level, kids should demonstrate an excellent level of movement and technique. Ability to structure the point, right shot selection, and court awareness. Kids are participating in tournaments (at least once a month) and showing a strong desire to compete.